We are 3 dedicated women on a mission to provoke change. Starting in Amsterdam as the first positive-impact tour company, we have the vision to offer new ways of traveling, working and living. Our tours are more than just tours – they are our tool of empowerment, our way to create awareness by talking about topics that matter. 

We are on a journey, and hope to inspire & empower anyone along the way.

Boat Tour That Matters

NEW collaboration with E-boats Happy 2024! The holiday season is all about spending quality time with family and friends and making wishes for the New Year. 366 days to come to create happy and meaningful moments, at home and at

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Research Matters

We support students with their research at TTM. We are delighted to see so much enthusiasm and eager to work towards positive impact in this world. We want to thank our interns for all their efforts. You will rock it!⁠

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Empowerment Courses

We empower you to create positive change. Believing that true change comes from within. All our courses are designed to create positive change in your life.

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Fresh start, new beginnings

2020 has been a year full of surprises unpredictabilities and changes! Despite all the challenges, we have managed to remain positive and keep doing what we love – to create transformative experiences that make positive impact.

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Peggy Stein – ‘Be Yourself!’

Advice from our business mama After months of waiting we would finally have an appointment with Peggy Stein. An encounter that would become an important turning point in the process of building our company and in the process of finding

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Welcome to the team, Anouschka!

Different paths – One DREAM About 5 years ago:  Katjalisa: I just applied for a new job I was really enthusiastic about; I would work as a guide for the biggest walking tour operator in the world. Part of the

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