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Are you ready to dive into the unique values of Amsterdam: freedom, diversity and tolerance? On a private tour a storyteller will take you and your fellow travelers around to laugh, bond and be swept away by hidden stories of the city. Would you like to explore the famous city center, the multicultural east or the raw north? Choose your favorite topic and dive into the Amsterdam most people never get to see.


Amsterdam has always been known as a city of Freedom. From the policy of tolerance in the 17th century to the hippie movement in the 60s and the liberal laws of today. Welcome to the Amsterdam most never get to see! 

from € 250 

Gentrification in amsterdam - north

Art museums can be cool, but we prefer an experience that’s a bit more raw, relevant, and revolutionary. Check out this tour to explore and support activism, radical art, and local efforts to preserve autonomy and culture. 

from € 250 

Migration in Amsterdam East


Head with us to the east side; a part of town with edges of ethnicity, religions and stories that converge in complex, fascinating ways. Topics on this tour range from WW2, to Amsterdam’s vast immigrant communities, and on to current day issues of racism and migration. 

from € 250 

From east to north

Wanna see more and visit the city like a local? Go by bike! On this tour you explore both city and countryside life, while learning about the famous bicycle culture. Do you wanna understand, feel and see the city in just 2 hours, join our most playful tour! 

from €250 

Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience– but our guides are storytellers before anything else! Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see. 

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