Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience – but our guides are storytellers before anything else! Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see.

Let’s Talk History

Understand the history in order to fully grasp the present and to be able to create a positive future. Amsterdam’s history had a big impact on how the world functions today. Globalization & colonialism, tolerance & migration, sustainability & counterculture – it has had an impact on the city and therefore on the world.

What we see today

Experience the Amsterdam that lies beyond, exploring new places and perspectives on any level. Discussing contemporary issues around counter-culture, migration, gender empowerment, sexuality, and sustainability. While visiting local neighborhoods, you discover the Amsterdam most people never get to see!

The Future
Meet the the locals, artists and initiatives who shape the future. From a community center, art space, permaculture garden or cacao museum. Visit unique examples in the neighborhood where change makers work on new ways of connection and sustainability.

Give Back
Support small local businesses, educational projects and activist efforts. On the tour you personally connect with all the special people & places that are part of the tours. Each tour gives back to those who preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.