Are you a group of people that doesn’t care about the highlights? That are looking for an in-depth experience that you will never forget! Our Tours that Matter specials are designed for anyone that wants to be surprised, to get inspired and amazed by the changemakers of the city. 

Our special tours take you on a journey from the past to the future, while meeting inspiring people & places on the way. Choose a topic that interests you or an area that you would like to discover and let’s go! 

Dutch Colonialism in Amsterdam-EAST

Along the Czaar Peterstaat, one of the most beautiful and sustainable shopping streets in Amsterdam, we take you through the history of Dutch Trade. A history of tremendous success but also of painful suffering. Along this bitter-sweet theme, we visit various pioniers with a inspiring mindset on fair trade. 


from € 400 (max. 15 pax) 


The north has transformed from being the heart of the fossil industry into a breeding ground for creative, green and sustainable initiatives. We visit pioneers that have the ambition to turn this old industrial zone into a global example of circular urban development. 

from € 400 (max. 30 pax)



This tour takes you through the past, present and future of the fashion industry. Starting at Fashion for Good you learn how your clothes are made and discover the game changing innovations changing the future of fashion. Together we’ll explore the steps and challenges of the industry, and your own Good Fashion journey. 

from € 400 (max. 15 pax) 

bike OR WALK in the fair east

On this tour we’ll talk about the importance of retrieving the connection with the Earth, community living and sustainable and productive ways of urban gardening. Come to discover and enjoy some green, hidden treasures of Amsterdam Oost and get inspired!

from € 400 (max. 30 pax) 


The Bijlmer is a nursery for Dutch society and a laboratory for ways of living together. Themes and items that are urgent in the Bijlmer and South East are relevant for the city and the country as a whole. This tour provides a rich educational experience, while exploring inspiring projects of the area. 

from € 400 (max. 30 pax) 

Walk & TALK in the Red light district

The Red light district is one of the most complex areas in Amsterdam where different ideals and visions clash and co-exist. Our mission is to give some of these special initiatives, people and places a moment to speak for themselves. Who are they? What do they do? What does the Red light District mean to them? 

from € 400 p.p. (max 15 per group) 

Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience– but our guides are storytellers before anything else! Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see. 

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