that give back

To make the circle round, Tours that Matter initiates and supports social & environmental projects.

The aim is to create a sense of activism around tourism and to contribute to restoring nature.

Happy Tourist. Happy City. Happy World

With a passion to build community, Anouschka is one of the initiators behind Reinvent Tourism A network & festival that invites you to engage in fun activities, discover and create new ways of tourism, promoting sustainability global citizenship & local values. It’s open for everybody and free of charge!

The festival is made possible by our community of change makers. Different initiatives with the same mission, an innovative mindset, a great set of skills and knowledge, a large and diverse network. We offer a range of products and services that engage people to actively contribute to a better world through tourism.

We have created a special guide will help you have the greenest experience of Amsterdam! One of the wonders of this city is how nature and culture coexist. You can learn about urban farming and permaculture, explore the flora and fauna of Amsterdam’s many parks and discover some hidden green gems in the city. 

Would you like to become a global citizen and support destinations of the future! Download our guide! 


Restoring natural ecosystems is what really matters. That is why Tours that Matter supports projects that restore nature in places we are connected to. We have bundle our forces in collaboration with regional and international parties like Open Forests to plant trees, diversify nature and create new forms of water supply in order to stop erosion and rebuild natural ecosystems. 

The project documentation can be found here. Twice a year we travel down to Southern-Portugal to put our hands in the earth and contribute to what really matters! 

For years Berber has been collecting, experiencing and telling stories. In theaters and festivals as a storytellers, in Amsterdam as a guides. The silence of the pandemic made the local residents of the Wallen connected again with each other. Now that the throngs of tourists had disappeared, there was room for a meeting and a cup of coffee. The need was expressed for more understanding for each other. From this we started to develop the idea for the project of the Stories of the Red Light District. 

For over a decade Katjalisa has been doing research in the famous Red Light District. As an anthropologist, a tour guide and even by getting behind the windows herself. Her experiment to develop new ways of sexual connection started the journey of slow sex. What originated in the district known for sex as consumerism, has grown out to be a growing movement. 

The Slow Sex Experience empowers you to connect deeply to yourself, to feel what is present in you in each moment and to communicate your boundaries in a non-violent way. In a safe space we experience how intimacy and connection can be created in almost an instant even with a complete stranger or with a long term partner and how we can transform the sexual energy that might arise in an encounter for healing.