To make the circle round, Tours that Matter initiates and supports social & environmental projects.

The aim is to create a sense of activism around tourism and to contribute to restoring nature.

Happy Tourist. Happy City. Happy World

The world is changing, currently even almost standing still. We are starting to realize this more and more, and want to do something to contribute, to change.

Being a Happy Activist is about putting happiness – our own and other people’s – at the core of what we do. It’s about working together, and ‘being the change we want to see’. It’s little actions that we can do with the goal of bringing positive change.

Bringing change and giving back have been the core of Tours that Matter, a platform for changemakers. Our business is our form of activism, our tours our tool for change. We believe in empowering people – visitors and locals – showing that together we can make a difference.

The Happy Activist promotes citizen initiatives, everyone that wants to make the world a better & happier place. They believe the energy and sympathy comes from bottom up, feeding inspiration and action. Offering free airtime to small green initiatives, with short videos and activations.

Together we decided to give everyone that is living in – and visiting Amsterdam, the chance to become a Happy Tourist! Do you believe in a better world? And are you looking for easy and fun ways to create change? Join us on our mission! Become a Happy Tourist.

The Happy Tourist Challenges will eventually raise money to support our Project ‘Trees Matter’. Still working on the details. Vision is what Matters!

Restoring natural ecosystems is what really matters. That is why Tours that Matter supports projects that restore nature in places we are connected to. As a kickstart, Tours that Matter is collaborating with Vinha Velha in Portugal, to restore 140 acres of nature. Vinha Velha is an ecologic farm focussing on auto-sufficiency and reinforcing nature. This vision is put into practice through regenerative agriculture, sustainable forest management and ecotourism.

Together we will bundle our forces in collaboration with regional and international parties like Open Forests to plant trees, diversify nature and create new forms of water supply in order to stop erosion and rebuild natural ecosystems. 

First trees will be planted in the fall of this year!

The project documentation can be found here.