about us


Tours that Matter is founded by three dedicated women that have an ambitious vision: to reinvent the tourism industry and use it as a force for good.

Our tours are more than just tours. They are our tool of protest, our way to plant seeds of awareness. We want to connect and inspire people to discover new perspectives on topics that matter to us. Our tours are for everyone who wants to make a change in the world. And at the same time they are a great way to explore Amsterdam.

Having been working in the tourism industry for years, we have been witnessing first hand how tourism has turned into an ever growing destructive force that was not just creating a lot of damage for Amsterdam but also for the world. 

We’ve been wondering: 

How can we use tourism to provoke the change we want to see in the world?

Our Team 

Three dedicated women

Our Community

A community of Change-makers

Our Story

An inspiring journey

Tours That Matter is one of the initiators of Reinvent Tourism
a creative hub to “fun”tribute and give back to Amsterdam.