about us

Amsterdam’s First Positive Impact Tour company 

We are Tours That Matter. And we are on a mission. We want to make the world a better place with tours. No, not those tours where hordes of people chase after a flag and flood places. But tours that contribute to a thriving, sustainable and inclusive city. Positive impact tours. 

Who is Tours that Matter 

Tours that Matter is founded by three dedicated women: Katjalisa, Berber and Anouschka, together they have the vision, stories and community to reinvent the tourism industry and use it as a force for good. After years working in the big tour business off Amsterdam, they realised tours were associated with large groups and nuisance. This needed to change! How could a tour have a positive impact on the neighbourhood? They took on the challenge and started to design tours about topics that matter to them, the different neighbourhoods and the city of Amsterdam. In 2019 Tours that Matter was born, a tour company that gives back to the city. 

How does a Tour Matter? 

Our tours inspire people to look beyond and discover new perspectives. By bringing people together and sharing stories. Stories that provoke, challenge and amaze. So that people learn to understand each other and find the tools to create a better world. 

Our Team 

Three dedicated women

Our Story 

An inspiring journey 


Reach out & join us! 

Tours That Matter is one of the initiators of Reinvent Tourism
a creative hub to “fun”tribute and give back to Amsterdam.