Urban Agriculture

planting seeds of change in the green east

Living in a city can offer you many things like work, friends and cultural diversity. However, we also get more and more disconnected from our roots: the land, community and connection with nature. Urban  gardens are an oasis in the concrete jungle. You can find relaxation, better health, harvests and community. This while improving the beauty of the city, and of course, rescuing some carbon! 


In this tour we’ll talk about the importance of retrieving the connection with the Earth, community feelings and sustainable and productive ways of gardening. Come to discover and enjoy some green, hidden treasures of Amsterdam Oost!

With this tour we would like to show new ways of urban farming, and the endless possibilities of green cities.  Amsterdam is a crowded city, but urban agriculture in the city is thriving. Visit the urban gardens and come dive into the topic off urban farming.

  • Community Garden Oost Indisch Groen
  • Anna’s Tuin: Permaculture Garden, part of a research project from the University of Amsterdam
  • Jeugdland: A nature playground and petting zoo for children, founded back in 1948 to give the youth a place to be free after WWII

Urban farming is a great educational and fun group activity. Would you like to add an interactive activity? You can book a pizza – permaculture experience. 

Duration: 2.5 hours

from €400 / €40 p.p. (max 25 pax.)

Giving back to amsterdam

By asking communities how our tours can enrich and give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.

Oost Indisch Groen

A portion of the cost of your tour ticket goes to Community Garden Oost Indisch Groen

Anna’s Tuin en Ruigte

A portion of the cost of your tour ticket goes to Community Garden Oost Indisch Groen

Your tour Designer

Joao Santiago