City of Freedom

Rebels of Amsterdam

The post-war generation decides we need to do things radically differently! Sex, drugs and rock & roll. The heritage of the hippies is visible everywhere in Amsterdam, if you know where to look. On this tour, we will visit the city center to see what freedom means today. We take a closer look at the unique values of amsterdam; the hippie movement of the 1960s, liberal drug laws and today’s multicultural society.

Amsterdam has always been known as the city of Freedom. Dive into history and listen to the stories of the VOC, Multatuli and Anne Frank. 

Visit an art collective, coffeeshop and a secret street-art garden . Discover the heritage of the hippies and the legacy of the Provos.

We visit inspiring initiatives that work towards a harmonious, inclusive and cohesive modern society. Welcome to the Amsterdam that most people never get to see!

from €250 / €25 p.p. (max. 15 pax) Duration 1.5 hours
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“Not many people realise the impact of the hippies on our history. Much of the freedom that we have today comes from te Hippie era.  Freedom is one of the most important values of Amsterdam, which I love to explore and keep alive. I live in the city centre of Amsterdam and would love to show you a new perspective on this part of Amsterdam.”  

Giving back to amsterdam

By asking communities how our tours can enrich and give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.


Vrij Paleis is a sanctuary, a community of artists, craftswomen and entrepreneurs in the creative sector. There to ensure that there is always a place for experimentation and art in the center of Amsterdam.