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NEW collaboration with E-boats

Happy 2024! The holiday season is all about spending quality time with family and friends and making wishes for the New Year. 366 days to come to create happy and meaningful moments, at home and at work. 

As always you can join us for inspiring walks and positive impact activities around Amsterdam. But are you looking for something more cozy and warm? Do you want to explore new perspectives and hear stories during a wonderful cruise? That’s possible!

Leave the city behind a bit more beautiful

In a unique collaboration with E-boats, you can now book a Boat Tour that Matters with us! Visit  places off the regular sailing routes and listen to stories that are less heard. From history to today, the city’s colonial past, the Second World War and the hippie generation: Amsterdam is unique in the world.

What can we learn from Amsterdam and how can we contribute to a more beautiful city and world? While sailing, we pass inspiring initiatives that are working towards a better future.

Tailor-made tours depending on the topic and purpose of the tour

Each tour is tailor-made, depending on the needs of the group and the purpose of the tour. You tell us about the group and topics of interest, we design a tour around it. 

What do you think about a boat tour about our innovative city? Learn how makers and thinkers work together on innovative ideas that contribute to healthy and liveable cities. 

Explore the Amsterdam that lies beyond, new places and perspectives on any level. Hearing the stories of people and initiatives who shape the future of our city. 

On every tour we can add drinks, snacks or extra stops on the way. Join us with your colleagues, friends or family for a Boat Tour that Matters!


We design tours for companies, universities, friends, or anyone looking for a unique experience on the water. Tell us what interests you or which area you would like to discover!

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