Fresh start, new beginnings

Happy New Year to all our friends around the world. We wish you all a fresh start and new beginnings. May you have the courage to do what you want to do, walk your own path and leave positive footprints!

2020 has been a year of surprises, unpredictabilities and changes! Despite all the challenges, we have managed to remain positive and keep doing what we love – to create transformative experiences that make positive impact.

"We wish you a warm hug from someone you love, to see the beauty in small things and
to find peace of mind.

Some highlights of 2020.. 

Giving back is one of our major principles, and besides locally we started to support our first global Restore Nature project in Portugal.  Our whole team travelled down to plant trees for a month. Understanding nature has given us valuable insights, also for our business.

The Reinvent Tourism Festival has been one of our major achievements in 2020. The first lockdown, not a tourist to be found – we asked the challenging question “What can a tour be during Corona, and how can it make more impact after? Together with our partners, we filled a 10-day program of virtual tours, interactive talks and webinars. So Proud!

If you take away the physical aspect of a tour, what will always remain are the stories. Stories are such a powerful way to connect with yourself and the outside world. In 2020, we launched our first online course – Storytelling! So excited we can continue this on a neighborhood level in 2021, starting with the stories of the Red Light District. 

Inspired by the COVID regulations we came up with a completely new way of giving tours: The Walks & Talks. An innovative tour model that highlights the positive impact on connection, while minimizing the negative aspect on cities. Together with our team of fantastic students from the Tourism Impact Lab we will make sure they will be online soon.

Spending time together to create connection that goes beyond the usual working relationship is crucial for us. We start our weeks with a heart sharing before we go into business. We take part in each others life and support each others personal growth. Having the opportunity to spend more time together, has brought us so much closer together and has been one of our highlights in 2020. 



Thanks to all our collaborative partners for your support, trust and positive vibes! 

A special thanks…

… to our fantastic interns Julia & Nicolas, who have brought so many new ideas, motivation and have been a true highlight of 2020.  

… to Elena Simons, Dieuwke Reuvers en Sabine Linz for hosting an incredible festival together, and continuing to be an inspiration for meaningful tourism. 

… to Matthijs Wansink for being the brains, hands and vision behind the Restore Nature project. So grateful we have joined forces for ecosystem restoration! 

Let’s take this as a powerful start of the New Year where we focus on the positive and support each other!

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