walks & talks

lets reinvent the way we give city tours

Stop following. Discover your own way.
Do good & give back to the places you visit.
Discover new perspectives, listen to unheard stories, plant seeds of change
With every walk you directly support local initiatives and our restore nature project.

  • Book a tour about a subject or area that interests you
  • Be welcomed by the Tours that Matter team for an introduction at the starting point
  • Explore the neighborhood on your own pace
  • Visit pioneering projects and initiatives
  • Meet the people and hear the stories behind the places you visit
  • Feel inspired to engage in follow up talks & courses to dive deeper into the topic
  • You will meet inspiring people & engage in personal stories
  • Your ticket will support local communities and projects in the neighborhood 
  • You are contributing to restore nature by our local environmental projects
  • You can become a Happy Tourist, by taking part in challenges
  • Tours that Matters is for everyone who wants to make the world a better place but doesn’t know where to start
  • History blended with current events, covering topics like counterculture, migration, gender empowerment and sustainability.
  • Meet the Amsterdam changemaker community and get inspired
  • Visit and give back to local artists, businesses & activists.
  • Laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see!

price: €10 per person (max. 6 people)
daily tours

walk & talk at the ndsm wharf

Meet the inspiring people & places of one of the most creative areas in Amsterdam. 

  • NDSM Fuse – Art Gallery
  • Amsterdam Street Art Museum 
  • Cape the Green Hope
  • Kapitein Anna

from € 10 per person (max. 6 people)

Walk & talk in amsterdam east

Meet the inspiring people & places of the vibrant Czaar Peterstraat:

  • Cacao Museum
  • Kaffa Coffee, Ethiopian Fair Trade Coffee
  • Pansy – a beautifully curated boutique, gallery, and studio
  • Not Just a Gift 

from € 10 per person (max. 6 people)

walk & talk in the red light district

Meet the inspiring people & places of one of the most complex areas in Amsterdam: 

  • Upcycle: no need to waste!
  • We live here: how the red light district can turn into a ‘green light district’
  • PIC: learn about the history of the RLD and receive proper information about sexwork


from € 10 per person (max. 6 people)

bike & talk in the fair east

Meet the inspiring people and amazing green places of Amsterdam:

  • Community Garden Oost Indisch Groen
  • Anna’s Tuin: Permaculture Garden, part of a research project from the University of Amsterdam
  • Jeugdland: A nature playground and petting zoo for children, founded back in 1948 to give the youth a place to be free just after WWII.

from € 10 per person (max. 6 people)

mystery city games

During the game you will:  

  • Walk around discovering interesting buildings, monuments and historical details
  • Solve puzzles while exploring with your friends
  • Learn true stories from the city’s history

€ 25.00 per person (max. 6 people)

Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience. Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see.