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Meet new people & explore amsterdam

Check out our new interactive tours and Explore amsterdam corona proof.

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Join our community free OF charge to meet new people and particiPATE IN OUR CORONA PROOF INTERACTIVE TOURS.

have a group ready? Join the mix tours and play against each other!

This corona proof activity will challenge you to stop following and find your own way. Different routes will reveal hidden spots and local stories of the city. Discover new places & perspectives on these self-guided walks:
  • Colonialism & Fair trade 
  • From Red Light to Green Light District 
  • Urban Agriculture 

from € 10 per person 

Duration: up to you! 

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Looking for a fun and playful way to discover the city? With a mix tour you combine activities with games, while meeting locals along the way. Ready to explore with your friends? 
  • Visit the Street Art museum 
  • Have a talk with a Sex worker 
  • Play a discovery game to unlock hidden spots
  • Food & Drinks at the Foodhallen (excl. in price) 

from € 20 per person (max. 6 people)

Duration: 4 hours

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Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience. 

Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see.