Interactive Tours: Let’s reinvent the way we give tours

Originally planned to launch on the 1st of April in Amsterdam, Tours that Matter design tours that give back to the places they visit. Inspired by the COVID restrictions they have come up with a completely new way of giving tours: Walks & Talks. 

“Our tours are more than just tours. They are our tool of protest, our way to plant seeds of awareness. We want to connect and inspire people to discover new perspectives on topics that matter.” 

While tours so far have been associated with large groups and mass tourism, Walks & Talks set a completely different tone. They connect locals & travelers to an international community of change-makers. 

  1. Highlighting the positive impacts on communities and sustainability 
  2. Minimizing negative aspects as public nuisance and polarization 

On every walk you will discover not just a new neighborhood but also new perspectives by meeting inspiring people and hearing their stories. You’ll get the chance to give back while learning something new about yourself, the city and the world.

The tours are designed by professional researchers – provide historical depth and a rich education experience. Based on social themes, such as gentrification, sustainability, fair trade, women empowerment etc. For those interested in more deep experience, additional workshops and courses are hosted by local change-makers. 

Giving back is the core of their business model which is inspired by the doughnut economy of Kate Raworth.

The Walks and Talks have been developed by Tours that Matter, in collaboration with Reinvent Tourism, a collective of inspiring people and places that contribute to a better Amsterdam and a better world. 

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