Our Story

We are here to provoke people to take different perspectives and think beyond. We believe traveling is a state of mind. PROVOKE to INSPIRE. CREATE AWARENESS to BUILD a COMMUNITY that loves to make that one step we all need to make. Every day.

The products we develop are for everyone who would like to live in a more sustainable, mindful, loving world but doesn’t know where to start.

Every step you take matters!

By starting Tours that Matter we took our official first step to create a company that is beneficial to the city instead of damaging it. We have  noticed that visitors are genuinely interested and that they would like to offer a positive contribution to Amsterdam. But after working in the tourism industry for years, we have experienced firsthand how most businesses are mainly focused on their own economic benefit while neglecting the negative and damaging effects of their behavior for Amsterdam and its residents.

That is why we started Tours that Matter, a positive-impact tour company that makes Amsterdam a better place!

Giving back

We support small local businesses, artists, educational projects and activist efforts.

We personally connect with all the special people & places that are part of our tours. 

By asking communities how our tours can give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.

See how each of our tours directly support local communities by reading the “Giving Back” section in the descriptions of our tours.

Tours That Matter is also a part of the Un-tourist Movement:
a mission to craft creative ways for travelers to “fun”tribute and give back to Amsterdam.