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"Eye-Opening, Inspiring, Educational, and Fun."

I found myself being more aware of the deeper layers of this part of the city and what is “behind the curtain.” I enjoyed very much interacting with others and the format of the discussion and co-creation. Super enjoyable and highly recommended!

– Melissa Nunez-Brown, Founder of Shambala Gatherings

"Real Stories from Real People. A Welcomed Break from Tourist Traps."

Katjalisa’s storytelling, knowledge, and insightful questions made me see the Red Light District with refreshed interest and added to my thoughts and beliefs about intimacy. I loved the way Katjalisa engaged with the group, making the tour interactive – building on the interests and experience of everyone in the group. This is a must for anyone visiting or a local like myself who wants a new perspective on the Red Light District.

– Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Founder of Yoni

"Great Tour for Curious Wanderers."

“I have lived in Amsterdam for the past ten years. And as Dutchy raised abroad I have also visited the Red Light District with several visiting friends and tourists. I also like to think of myself of an empowered woman who takes matters of gender equality as well as matters of my own sexuality quite seriously.

And yet I had not asked myself any of the questions Katjalisa poses throughout this mind-expanding tour. Sure Amsterdam hass internationally positioned itself as having a liberal take on sex-work, but “is this really the best we can do?” Why had I never considered that before? My experience prior to the tour was that walking past the windows was paired with feeling a sense of embarrassment and of “not wanting to offend these women.”

Had I ever considered before that perhaps I was projecting my own sense of discomfort on these professionals who might have a whole different take and feel on their work? Katjalisa’s friendly, respectful and open-minded nature welcomed me to experiment with all of this. To stretch my thinking and my experience. To explore not just what the Red Light District really means but what sexuality and intimacy really mean to me. I could not recommend this tour more highly.

– Eveline van den Heuvel

"This Tour Was Like a Treasure Hunt."

“Berber would lead us through small streets and around little canals. Every now and then stopping at a specific spot, and open our minds by telling stories of the communities living there, the history behind the architecture. I actually learnt a lot about the neighborhood I live in.”

We went on the Tolerance & Migration tour and learned so much from Berber! Exploring the east side was a treat, and we thought the tour was perfectly paced and very engaging. It was a great way to get an overview of the history of Amsterdam and the country’s responses to issues of racism and migration over the centuries. Plus, the tour ended at a market on the east side which we had so much fun exploring. There are lots of different topics of the tours from Tours that Matter, and we’d love to go on more next time we visit. Highly recommend exploring the city with Tours That Matter!

– Ferdinand and Doumic

"The Best 'Off the Beaten Path' Tour of Amsterdam."

The Counterculture & Gentrification Tour by Berber was amazing. We spent about 2.5 hours walking around the very intriguing old shipyard (NDSM) of Amsterdam, that is full of surprising constructions, beautiful street art, and most of all: many, many fascinating stories.

Fortunately we had Berber around, who knew way more than she could tell, bringing in her own sharp insights about the area in an eloquent and entertaining way. She was even part of the squatting movement herself, and interviewed many locals along the sights. All in all a great tour in a less touristy part of Amsterdam. Couldn’t recommend it more!

"Thought-Provoking Tour of the Red Light District."

Katjalisa lead the tour group of the red light district in Amsterdam. She did a fantastic job! As she had a background in anthropology and a keen interest in the topic, she was able to lead some quite interesting and thought provoking discussions as we toured through the red light district. If philosophical conversations interest you- then it’s a must do!

"The Alternative Amsterdam Tour - an Excellent Choice."

What a great way to get to understand this city. Our very knowledgeable and entertaining hostess – Katjalisa – enabled us to share different perspectives – ours and Amsterdam’s – on a range of social issues from attitudes to prostitution and drugs to communes and squats. A great tour – but not suitable for younger tweens / teens.

"Beautiful and Comprehensive View of the City and Its People."

I loved this tour, and especially my guide Katjalisa! As a scholar of anthropology, she was able to talk in depth about topics like the impact of legalized prostitution and the Red Light District on the social scene in the city.

She also was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the city and captivating when telling it. She had the group all get to know each other as well, which is always quite fun when visitors come from all around the world! I can’t recommend this tour and this guide highly enough!

"My Favourite Afternoon in Amsterdam."

This tour was everything I hoped it would be and more! Katjalisa was knowledgeable, funny, and showed up some of her personal favourite parts of Amsterdam.

I loved that this tour took us outside of the typical tourist areas in Amsterdam. The topics are timely, challenging, thoughtful, and more. Highly highly highly recommend for anyone coming to Amsterdam that wants to be a more ethical traveller.

At first, Katjalisa caught us way off guard, pushing us notably out of our comfort zone by having us interact with the other tour-goers. As it turns out, learning about the other people around us was almost half the beauty of the the full Amsterdam experience!

Not only was Katjalisa’s knowledge of the city impressively profound, but because of her approach, we made friends with some of the other travelers and even all grabbed lunch at a local spot afterwards. We took a 9 hr layover in the city. But we got such vibrant, rich experience that we are already making plans to come back for years to come.

I highly recommend this walking trip to anyone looking to spark their imagination, grow to love, and learn a ton more about this amazing city. Enjoy!

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