Are you ready for some impactful changes in your life?

This empowering 4 week online course that will help you to cultivate self-love, to break through unhealthy patterns, to face and overcome fears and to dive into your true potential.

The stories we hear and the stories we tell ourselves shape the reality we live in. Listening to each other’s stories is a great mirror and helps us to cultivate mutual understanding and compassion. In these four weeks we will share within an intimate group of people stories of success and pride as well as stories of fuck ups, fears and insecurities.

Each session will start and end with a guided meditation. Throughout the whole course you will be provided with challenges and exercises that will help you to create awareness, to cultivate self-love and to break through unhealthy patterns. You will get help to find your story and develop the tools to share it with the world.

We will uncover parts of ourselves, remove barriers, dive into fears and explore our true potential. You will be provided with insightful and effective tools that will support you to get closer to your own core and to re-write your story. 

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10 Mar 2021


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


120 - 200




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