yoni walk

For all women who want to talk about stuff they have never dared to talk about

A six-week online course with Kerys & Katjalisa

A pioneering online course aimed at bringing together sexuality, sensuality, spirituality and intimacy. For women to feel more fulfilled, creative, empowered and connected to the source of well-being in their lives. The healing between the masculine and the feminine will be a central topic. Self-reflection, self-awareness, self-care, self-love and stepping out into the world from that place of wisdom, truth, acceptance and empowerment. Together walking the path of the sacred woman.


You will be provided with deep insights, thought provoking questions and you will hear touching and inspiring stories that will enable you to reflect more critically upon your own sexuality and the way you relate to yourself and to others. Held in a sacred, loving and supportive environment for you to expose who you really are…

  • Recovering the lost and innocent childhood and teenage identities related to womanhood, sexuality, sensuality and the misguidance, misinformation, embarrassment, taboos, social norms, shame and guilt surrounding them
  • Sharing of stories related to our own direct experiences
  • Connection to our yonis, cervix, womb, breasts (all that gives us female creative life-force) and rediscovery of this area with various hands-on techniques, visualisations, meditations, artwork and personal explorations
  • Sacred menstruation and our connection with our moon cycle, bleeding rituals, fertility charting, releasing built-up trauma
  • The normalization of female self-pleasuring, orgasm, sexual fantasies and learning to have clear boundaries and giving permission to yourself to receive
  • The slow sex movement – what it means…how to break patterned sexual behavior and cross boundaries to go out of our comfort zones.
  • Techniques and the sharing of rituals and practices to help take care of our female bodies and hearts
  • Weekly zoom meeting of 2 hours as a group with a maximum of 12 women
  • Weekly homework
  • Weekly meditation audio
  • Investment: €150 – €300 Euros. You decide. We trust.
  • Places limited to 12 women 
  • Weekly zoom meeting, Wednesdays 7:00 – 9:00pm (CET)

price: €200 - €350 euros. you decide. we trust
next course: MARCH 2022

Please register through the website or by sending an email to: katjalisa@toursthatmatter.com

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About the facilitators

Kerys & Katjalisa have both been guiding women circles, facilitating workshops and retreats for many years. While Kerys brings in her sensual, playful side combined with her inner wisdom, Katjalisa loves to be provocative, break taboos and get you out of your comfort zone. They are connected through their deep friendship and their longing for healing between men & women.