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Pay with a Good Deed & Become a Happy Tourist


We decided to give everyone that is living in – and visiting Amsterdam, the chance to become a Happy Tourist! Do you believe in a better world? And are you looking for easy and fun ways to create change? Join us on our mission! Become a Happy Tourist

The world is slowly recovering from the corona crisis. People desperately want to return to their normal life and routines.    They  want to travel again and see the world. But we saw what good the lockdown has done for our planet: cleaner air, healthier cities and a thriving nature. How do we keep those environmental benefits and restore tourism in a sustainable manner?

We want to reinvent tourism as a force of good. In the new world that emerges from the pandemic, tourists will be invited to act sustainable and add a positive impact to the places they visit.

Being a Happy Tourist is about putting happiness – our own and other people’s – at the core of what we do. It’s about working together, and ‘being the change we want to see’. It’s little actions that we can do with the goal of bringing positive change.

Starting in Amsterdam, we will put together a checklist for tourists with little chores they can do to help make Amsterdam a happier and healthier place. If you complete a certain amount of these tasks during your visit, you can officially call yourself
a Happy Tourist and you’ll be awarded with the Happy Tourist Pin. The more tasks you complete from this list, the more benefits you get. We select a series of shops and organizations where Happy Tourists that have completed the checklist, can get special discounts.

  • Choose one or more of the challenges/deeds on www.thehappytourist.eu

  • Take a photo or video of yourself doing the challenge

  • Post your photo or video on Instagram with the #thehappytouristeu or on Facebook with the tag @paywithagooddeed

  • Receive a digital sticker and/or a reward in the form of discounts at local shops

This August, Pay With a Good Deed in the Haarlemmerbuurt!

A list of wonderful shops invite you to do a little good deed and receive a small reward. Choose your favorite local challenge to help the environment, community or a sustainable shop owner. In exchange, receive a small reward in the form of a discount or treat.
Pay With a Good Deed allows visitors to truly connect with the neighborhood.

Making a positive impact gives your visit an extra sparkle!

How does it work?
1. Go to one of the participating companies 
2. Complete the deed (don’t forget to record it)
3. Share your experience by tagging the company and us @paywithagooddeed #happytouristeu on social media
4. Collect your reward and sticker

Participating shops and cafés:
Klein The Grocer 
Affaire d’Eau 
Das Werk Haus 
Six and Sons 
Theatercafé Spinoza 

Check out www.thehappytourist.eu for the whole list of deeds and rewards. 


Bringing change and giving back have been the core of Tours that Matter, using tours as a tool for change.  Together with Nomadic Existence, expert in exploring with respect, choosing our adventures responsibly. We believe in empowering people – visitors and locals – showing that together we can make a difference.

The Happy Activist promotes citizen initiatives, everyone that wants to make the world a better & happier place. They believe the energy and sympathy comes from bottom up, feeding inspiration and action. Offering free airtime to small green initiatives, with short videos and activations.

Together we have launched the Happy Tourist, a movement that will make tourist more aware of how to travel sustainable and give back to the places they visit. 

The first pilot of how to become a Happy Tourist is Pay with a Good Deed, developed by Carla Louis as a project under the Reinvent Tourism umbrella.