super diversity

from green to colorful

The Bijlmer is a nursery for Dutch society and a laboratory for ways of living together. Themes and items that are urgent in the Bijlmer and South East are relevant for the city and the country as a whole. This tour provides a rich educational experience, while exploring inspiring projects of the area. 

Amsterdam South-East was built as a green suburb for the Amsterdam middle class in the late sixties. Around Surinames independence in 1975, many of its inhabitants migrated to the Netherlands and moved into South-East. 

With the more recent migration from Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan and other countries, the Bijlmer has turned into one of the most diverse neighborhoods of the Netherlands.

The Bijlmer is a breeding ground for different cultures, art and activism. We are leaving multiculturalism behind and moving toward superdiversity. De Bijlmer
is in many ways a nursery of Dutch society and a laboratory for ways of living together.

We visit and give back to inspiring initiatives as Imagine IC and Untold, working towards collective identity, history and perspectives for the future.

from €400 / €40 p.p. (max 25 pax.)

2.5 hours

Giving back to amsterdam

By asking communities how our tours can enrich and give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.


We visit and give back to Imagine IC, an open floor for discussion around the composition of the collective heritage of Amsterdam.  The library, debat center and archives that give meaning to things and memories. 


Untold focuses on empowerment, talent development, cultural education and professional productions. Untold believes in the importance of making young people in general, and Afro Dutch youth in particular, aware of their collective identity, history and perspectives for the future.


Your tour Designer


“The Bijlmer tour was one of the most challenging tours I’ve designed. How can I give a tour about superdiversity and black activism being a white woman myself? In the end we found a very nice hybrid model for the tour, where the stories that are told come from the changemakers of the neighborhood themselves!”