red light district tour

beyond the curtains

Explore where our ideas around sex come from. We’ll look into the long history of the Red Light District and the complexities of Prostitution. Besides all the regular information about the Red Light District we will share pioneering ideas for the future of this area with you. Ready to have a look beyond, not just behind, the curtains? It’s gonna be an eye (and mind) opening experience!

On this very special tour, we will provide you with a historical overview of the oldest and most controversial area in Amsterdam.

  • In an inter active way, we will explore where our ideas around sex and sex work come from.
  • The highlight of this tour will be a visit to the Prostitution Information Center, providing information about sex work from the perspective of sex workers. 
  • In the safe space of a sex workers room we will discuss with you the complexities of prostitution.
  • We are going to break down taboos around sexuality and intimacy and will share our pioneering vision for the future of this area with you.
  • We will visit various local initiatives and change makers in the Neighborhood. 
  • This tour gives back to the Prostitution Information Center, on a mission to break the sigmas on sex work, and educate society on both sexuality and sex work.

Duration: 2.5 hours

from €400 / €40 p.p. (max 15 pax.)

Giving back to amsterdam

By asking communities how our tours can enrich and give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.


The Beyond The Curtains Tour starts and finishes at the Upcycle store. We take a radically different approach by collecting waste that we upcycle to convert into souvenirs for you to take home.

Your tour Designer


“The Red light tour is specifically dear to me! It’s a reflection of many years of anthropological research, not just about this exciting, controversial area but also of my own sexual journey. Which is, I believe, a journey most women can relate to and many men can learn from…
I’m organizing regular events in Amsterdam & Portugal such as the SLOW SEX EXPERIENCE and the LOVE LAB in order to keep on learning, exploring and expanding.”