Our Story

our mission

We are 3 dedicated women on a mission to provoke change! Starting in Amsterdam as the first positive-impact tour company, we have the vision to build an international platform for change-makers. Our tours are more than just tours – they are our tool of protest, our way to create awareness by talking about topics that matter. We develop & promote authentic experiences that give back to the places we visit. Tours that Matter offers keys to new places and perspectives on any level.

Giving back

We support small local businesses, artists, educational projects and activist efforts. We personally connect with all the special people & places that are part of our tours. By asking communities how our tours can give back to the places we travel to, we create tours that help preserve the beauty and culture of Amsterdam.

See how each of our tours directly support local communities by reading the “Giving Back” section in the descriptions of our tours.

Tours That Matter is also a part of the Un-tourist Movement:
a mission to craft creative ways for travelers to “fun”tribute and give back to Amsterdam.