a historical treasure hunt

The Mystery of A Secret Sender

The secretive Order of the Rosy Cross is looking for new
members. In order to prove your worth, you must follow their ancient trail through Amsterdam to uncover the identity of one of their historical members, known to
you only as A Secret Sender.

You will explore the city in your team, searching the
architecture and history for clues to solve the historical puzzles.

PRICE 25.00

Duration: 2 hours

Giving back to amsterdam

By celebrating Amsterdam’s Golden Age, we aim to highlight the values of tolerance and open-mindedness that made 17th century Amsterdam the most powerful city in the world.


“It was a rainy night, many years ago, when a night at a Pub Quiz planted the seed that would become our many year obsession.
After a few drinks and a near-loss, we began to talk about a better way to explore the city. The original idea was to create a historical adventure. We quickly got to work, finding stories, creating puzzles and two years later… we had created a puzzle game that people loved to play!