Stories as medicine


Stories are a powerful way to connect with yourself and the outside world. The stories we hear and the stories we tell ourselves shape the reality we live in. Now more than ever we need to use the art of storytelling in order to tell the stories that really matter, to heal ourselves and to heal the world.


Microdosing and storytelling

Microdosing meets the art of Storytelling and the power of music. You can come purely to listen without any pressure to share a story. The experience will be equally powerful. 

  • Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of art and an empowering tool for healing. We are all made out of stories  and every one of us is a great storyteller. Sharing stories from the heart embedded in a safe space creates compassion and mutual understanding. It can be fun, painful, taboo breaking, edgy. It is a highly inspiring, liberating and transformative experience.

  • Microdosing: The (optional) micro dose of truffles that we consume intentionally together at the beginning of the evening helps us to connect deeper to ourselves and to open up to the story that wants to be told and to listen empathically to the stories of others.

  • Meditation: Before we open the space for storytelling there will be a guided meditation accompanied by live music that will support us to tap into our own vibration and to connect to the vibrations of the other people present. 

  • Sound Healing: There will be sound healing and somatic practices in between the stories in order to move what has been moved in us
  • WE START ABSOLUTELY ON TIME. Please arrive at least 10min before to take off your shoes, go to the toilet etc.
    Once we’ve opened the circle, late comers won’t be able to get in anymore.
  • Psilocybin can have many benefits from creativity to flow and self reflection. Micro- or mini-dosing is an interesting way to explore how psilocybin can benefit you in a safe way for a curious and positive mindset. The intention of the event is not to guide you in a trip but to microdose. We will share the evening together in a connected, safe and beautiful setting.
  • Come as you are. No pre-knowledge required. Wear something comfortable.
  • Make sure you have eaten a light meal before and bring some healthy snacks to share at the end of the event.
  • Places are limited. For more information, please contact 
  • Karla – is our sound fairy. She studied music therapy in Amsterdam and is dedicated to self-development and personal growth. She has been co-facilitating workshops and retreats from an early age and is a sensitive space holder. She uses the universal healing power of sound to balance out energies, to break through blockages, to release tension, to access pain, to enhance pleasure and to evoke bliss. 
  • Berber – is our storyteller. She has been working as a professional storyteller for the last seven years. Performing in theaters, festivals, public events and regularly at the Mezrab: House of Stories. She uses stories as a way to connect with herself and others in a healing way. She went to theater school in Brussels and the Mezrab Storytelling school in Amsterdam, was taught by inspiring people as  Sahand Sahabdevani & Farnoosh Farnia (Iran) Raphael Rodan (Israel) and Tania Castro (Peru).

price: €27,50
Sunday EVENINGS FROM 19:00 TILL 21:30
Kokopelli: Warmoesstraat 12 Amsterdam

storytelling masterclass

A good story is a gift to yourself and the world. In this intensive 2,5 workshop you will receive powerful tools to improve your storytelling skills.

  • Dive into yourself: By diving deeper into your story you dive deeper into yourself. You’ll require new insights while creating more understanding of your behaviour patterns, ancestral lines as well as social conditioning. 
  •  Practice to listen: You will hear inspiring stories from Berber and fellow participants. Learn by listening and giving valuable feedback to others. 
  • Craft your story: You will receive profound feedback on the work you’ve done, be offered tools how to improve your storytelling skills and work with the healing power of stories to reflect on yourself and the world around you. 
  • Share your story: The work we do is holistic. The focus is on the process more than on the outcome. However, for those who want to experience how it is to share their well crafted story in front of an audience – you have the opportunity to share your story at one of our regularly happening storytelling events. 
  • Investment: €45 – €60 Euros. You decide. We trust.
  • 2.5 hours
  • Places limited, for bookings or more information please contact

price: €45 - €60

For booking a private session or more information, please contact

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About Berber

Berber has been working as a professional storyteller for the last seven years. She has an academic background in philosophy and law, did theater school in Brussels and attended the professional course of the Mezrab Storytelling school. She was taught by Sahand Sahabdevani & Farnoosh Farnia (Iran) Raphael Rodan (Israel) Tania Castro (Peru) and Leonardo Leon (Colombia). She performs in theaters, festivals, public events and regularly at the Mezrab (House of Stories).

For booking or more information, please contact