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The slow sex experience

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy there is. Let’s fucking own it! 

How can we decolonise our (sexual) conditioning and break through unhealthy patterns so that we can fully unfold our (sexual) potential? 

The Slow Sex Experience empowers you to connect deeply to yourself, to feel what is present in you in each moment and to communicate your boundaries in a non-violent way. In a safe space we experience how intimacy and connection can be created in almost an instant even with a complete stranger or with a long term partner and how we can transform the sexual energy that might arise in an encounter for healing. 

You will learn how to access and listen to your most hidden sexual desires and how to build a healthy and respectful relationship with your body – which is a sacred temple, a portal to immense pleasure and joy, a highway to heaven…

  • Heart Sharing: We start and finish the Slow Sex Experience all together. That is absolutely crucial for the space to be safe. Once we have opened the circle and started with the heart sharing, late comers are unfortunately not allowed to join the experience any more. It’s in your own best interest to arrive 10min before in order to settle into the space, go to the toilet, have a cup of tea etc. We will close the experience all together in a circle in which everyone has the possibility to express whatever is relevant to share. 
  • Meditation & Microdosing: Before we dive into a guided meditation that will help you to ground and to get into your body, there is the option to microdose with truffles for those who want to dive even deeper into the experience. Before consuming the microdose we set an intention for that night . The truffles amplify everything that is happening and help your system to open up and feel more, to be more centred in yourself and to be more present with the other. Again, the micro dose is optional and you decide for yourself if your body says yes or no. The micro dose adds to the experience but it doesn’t make it less powerful if you decide not to micro dose.
  • Exercises: we flow organically into the exercises. Some of them are on an energetic level, others are hands on and some might involve nudity. Every exercise is merely an invitation. You decide for yourself how far you want to go, how ‘naked’ you want to get. You can say ‘no’ at any time and you are encouraged to explore different variations in each exercise. You will create the experience that is appropriate for yourself in that moment with that person. Trust. Magic will happen.
  • Relaxation: The space is open afterwards for journaling, to dance, do yoga, meditate or simply to hang out and have some tea & snacks. 


  • Love Jam: From around 11pm – 2am we will open the space for a LOVE JAM – to practise what you’ve learned 🙂 

    *An extra contribution of 5€ per person is appreciated for those who want to stay for the jam. The love jam will be open only for people that attended the workshop. 

Katjalisa: Slow Sex is her medicine for the people. She has studied Anthropology in Amsterdam and has done in depth research in the Red Light District for almost a decade about ‘sex as a good of consumption’. She’s been the first one to introduce the concept of the slow sex in the RLD. Next to her academic background, she is also trained in somatic work, bio-energetics, yoni massage, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and non-violent communication.

She has many years of experience in creating a safe space in which everyone feels seen, loved and respected. Her way of working is edgy and yet very accessible. She playfully gets people out of their comfort zone and invites them to open up to new experiences. Her authenticity is contagious and her power empowers others. 

  • All gender and sexual orientations welcome
  • There won’t be any actual penetration happening at any point of the evening 
  • The Slow Sex Experience is a space for healing. However, the intention is not to dive into trauma work. If you are aware of a sexual past trauma please contact me before the event. I might advise you to first see a professional trauma therapist. 
  • You can come alone or with your partner. If you come as a couple please discuss beforehand if you are open to share experiences with others and clarify the boundaries within your relationship. If you are in a monogamic relationship you can chose to do all the exercises with your partner. 
  • Come as you are – whether you are feeling grumpy, unsocial and totally unsexy that day – the Slow Sex Experience can help you to reconnect to yourself and to shift your energy.
  • You are welcome to wear sexy clothes if that’s what you feel like for that night. But you can totally also come in your pyjamas  – the most important thing is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing
  • Yes, taking a shower before sounds like a good idea and is for sure appreciated by everyone around. If you tend to sweat a lot in exciting situations please bring a small towel.
  • The Slow Sex Experience is not a ‘pick up’ place. It’s about connecting with an open heart without specific intentions or ‘end’ goal. However, if you had a special moment with someone and you would like to meet that person again or simply express afterwards through a voice msg/ email / phone call etc your gratitude for that encounter – go ahead!
  • You can always reach out to me for more in depth personal guidance/ advice/ inspiration

Friday from 8 - 10.30pm
price: €25 - €35 euros. you decide. we trust.
next experience: october 8th / october 22th

Please register through the website or by sending an email to:

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