Research Matters

We support students with their research at TTM. We are delighted to see so much enthusiasm and eager to work towards positive impact in this world. We want to thank our interns for all their efforts. You will rock it!⁠

Empowerment Courses

We empower you to create positive change. Believing that true change comes from within. All our courses are designed to create positive change in your life.

Fresh start, new beginnings

2020 has been a year full of surprises unpredictabilities and changes! Despite all the challenges, we have managed to remain positive and keep doing what we love – to create transformative experiences that make positive impact.

Interactive Tours: Let’s reinvent the way we give tours

Stop following. Discover your own way. Do good & give back to the places you visit.
Meet inspiring people and hear their stories.

Stories Matter: Traveling is a State of Mind

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring the power of traveling as a state of mind.
Help us to stay connected, to create awareness, to spread positivity and human kindness!

Dropping the Masks: Being a human amongst humans

Let’s start by taking off the masks.
A story shared from the heart is one of the most powerful ways to regain trust.
We understand that we are all just a human amongst humans.

First positive impact tour company in Amsterdam

I open up a newspaper and it is filled with articles about Trump, Brexit and the rise of Extreme-Right in Europe. I open up my FB page, and my activist friends post pictures and videos showing demonstrations, protests and riots. The rainforest is on fire and the world seems to be too. Why would I […]

SLOW SEX EXPERIENCE Red light Amsterdam Happening!

Looking back I can say that it’s been perfect the way it was. Not being able to do the exposition in the way we had it in mind gave an even deeper and more truthful experience. Being looked at from the outside as if I was a sex worker (which of course I was in their eyes), was […]

Slow Sex Experience

Tuesday, 27th August, the day before the exposition was supposed to start: We had just moved half of our household into the Red Light District for the SLOW SEX EXPERIENCE pop-up project in order to make it ‘super gezellig’ (very cozy) in our contemporary working space for the upcoming days.  At around 6pm we received an […]

It takes the whole city of Amsterdam to raise a business

I remember very clearly how I took Berber aside last year in August to share with her my ideas about this business idea I’ve had in mind already for a while – creating a platform for storytelling tours with a social impact. The season had just ended, I had made enough money giving tours to […]