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planting seeds of change

in the far north


Do you want to be out of town for a bit, breathe some fresh air, move your body, relax your mind, taste some cheese and have a really good time? We’ll take you through the
picturesque village of Landsmeer to the beautiful green area het Twiske in the North of Amsterdam. At a local farm we’ll harvest some veggies from their garden and if it’s warm enough we even go for a swim.

The best way to learn about urban farming and explore the Dutch countryside by bike!

from €150 (max 10 pax)

in the fair east

With this tour we would like to show new ways of urban farming, and the endless possibilities of green cities.  Amsterdam is a crowded city. In between the canal houses and bike racks you may have spotted the occasional flowerbed. But agriculture in the city is thriving and as local gardens bring in their harvests, we will dive into the topic off urban farming. 

Exploring community gardens, permaculture and sustainable initiatives around Amsterdam. 

from €150 (max 10 pax)

Our tours are designed by professional researchers to provide historical depth and a rich educational experience– but our guides are storytellers before anything else! Prepare to laugh, bond, explore, and be swept away by the Amsterdam that most people never get to see.  

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